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Sowing Seeds of Peace

Hello Peacemakers,

Welcome to SOLA Community Peace Center's Community of Gardens Blog. We are excited to embark on a new journey to create a greener place for all. Through our time together, we will be sharing our ideas, activities, and thoughts about gardening and what a community of gardens looks like for our community. We hope you, too, are ready to provide a peaceful world for all and all who come after. Feel free to email us or drop comments below if you have any questions or concerns. Grab a seed, and start with our first topic, SEEDS!

Week 1: Plants and Seeds

The start of the plant's life cycle is seeds. Seeds grow plants for animals and humans to eat. Seeds are also a food source for birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. At Peace Camp, we engaged in plant life by sowing seeds and planting spouts in pots. Being peacemakers, we learned that asking questions and listening to information guides us into building community with one another. As we close out week one of Peace Camp, we continue to sow seeds of peace and nourish our seeds with kindness and persistence to spread peace.

Challenge of the Day

Our Peace Campers learned how seeds become plants and the importance of seeds in our environment. Our challenge for you all today is to find a seed you want to plant and start planting. How do you start growing plants? Are there different methods for different places? As we continue our journey through our theme, Community of Gardens, we will go through the components of growing a garden and the benefits of having a community of gardens.

Thank you for joining us today, and as always, stay peaceful


Community Gardens Team

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