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At the Peace Center + In the World


Peace Camp Fundraiser

Peace Camp, July 1 - July 26, is quickly approaching. The Peace Center tries its best to offer equal opportunity to all families and children so that no kid is left behind. However, the Peace Center is only able to do this with financial support. If you are able, please donate to help LA youth attend this summer's Peace Camp. Any donation, whether it is $2 or $200, will be greatly appreciated and will make a difference.

Peace Kids Beach Cleanup .jpg

Peace Kids Clean Up the Beach

Peace Kids went to Santa Monica Beach this past Saturday to help clean up the beach. They learned important lessons about caring for the planet and had fun outside in the sun with friends.

Arla Foods Pledges Carbon Net Zero

Arla Foods, the largest Scandinavian dairy producer, has pledged to be carbon net zero by 2050. The animal food industry is one of the largest sources of global carbon emissions, but hopefully Arla Foods' pledge will initiate a new movement in the food industry towards limiting its negative impacts. This change could improve the planet's health in profound ways.

trash challenge.jpg

Trash Challenge

Though we seem to produce an endless stream of trash, a trending internet challenge is aiming to clean up our act. #TrashTag inspires people to capture photos of their efforts to clean up garbage from a wide range of locations around the world. Participants post before and after shots of their work, proudly displaying the serenity and beauty these landscapes radiate when they are given the care they deserve. The trend is ongoing and people can share their efforts to Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other popular social media platforms.

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