Creative Peace Project

The Creative Peace Project is a school violence prevention/social-emotional learning program Students learn about peace, non-violent conflict resolution methods and communication skills through meditation and mindfulness,  literature, artistic mediums, and hands-on activities. The Creative Peace Project is designed as a seven-week program that focuses on a new aspect of peace and social-emotional learning each week. Resources including curriculum, live recordings of readings, and meditation practices for all lessons are available by selecting the  links below. 


Lesson 1

What is Peace?

Video 1- Peaceful Meditation

Video 2- Reading Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class


Documents- Guided Meditation (English)

                         Guided Meditation (Spanish)


Lesson 2

"L" Listening & "A" Asking Questions for Understanding

Video- Reading Quiet Please, Owen McPhee! 

Documents- Lesson Plan

Peace Kids Beach Cleanup .jpg

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 "F" Feelings


Lesson 4

"T" Try for a Win-Win Solution to Conflicts


Lesson 5


peacecamp plants.jpg

Lesson 6


"ER" Errors - We All Make Mistakes- Forgive/Asking for Forgiveness

Video- Reading The Bad Mood

Documents- Lesson Plan

Decisions and Persistence

Video- Reading The Boy Who Never Gave Up

Documents- Lesson Plan


Lesson 7

Gratitude and Positivity 

Video- Reading Giving Thanks

Documents- Lesson Plan