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Creative Peace Project

The Creative Peace Project is a school violence prevention/social-emotional learning program in collaboration with USC JEP. Students learn about peace, non-violent conflict resolution methods and communication skills through meditation and mindfulness,  literature, artistic mediums, and hands-on activities. The Creative Peace Project is designed as a seven-week program that focuses on a new aspect of peace and social-emotional learning each week. Resources including curriculum, live recordings of readings, and meditation practices for all lessons are available by selecting the  links below. 

For more information on USC's JEP click the link below.


Lesson 1

What is Peace?

Video 1- Peaceful Meditation

Video 2- Reading Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class


Documents- Guided Meditation (English)

                         Guided Meditation (Spanish)


Lesson 2

"L" Listening & "A" Asking Questions for Understanding

Video- Reading Quiet Please, Owen McPhee! 

Documents- Lesson Plan

Peace Kids Beach Cleanup .jpg

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 "F" Feelings


Lesson 4

"T" Try for a Win-Win Solution to Conflicts


Lesson 5

peacecamp plants.jpg

Lesson 6


"ER" Errors - We All Make Mistakes- Forgive/Asking for Forgiveness

Video- Reading The Bad Mood

Documents- Lesson Plan

Decisions and Persistence

Video- Reading The Boy Who Never Gave Up

Documents- Lesson Plan


Lesson 7

Gratitude and Positivity 

Video- Reading Giving Thanks

Documents- Lesson Plan

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