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A Letter from Kaitlyn Kim, Sola's OTD in Residence 


My name is Kaitlyn Kim and I am the current Occupational Therapy Doctoral Resident at SOLA Community Peace Center. I was placed at SOLA during the summer for my final internship for my Master’s program and I loved SOLA’s mission and everything about peace camp. I’ve always been geared towards the mental health realm in occupational therapy, specifically working with teenagers and young adults. During the summer, I was able to collaborate with 3 other OT students to work with the Youth Intern group, during which we covered so many topics such as wellness, leadership skills, life skills, professionalism, etc. Through my summer fieldwork, I was able to see the value of occupational therapy, not only in my own youth intern group, but also in the 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, and family groups. I wanted to continue to develop occupational therapy at SOLA, which led me to pursue a residency at SOLA. 

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