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Pouring into Peace: Water and Soil

Hello Peacemakers,

Welcome to SOLA Community Peace Center's Community of Gardens Blog. Thank you so much for liking our first post! We appreciate all the interaction and feedback. During our time together, we will share our ideas, activities, and thoughts about gardening and what a community of gardens looks like for our community. We hope you, too, are ready to provide a peaceful world for all and all who come after. Feel free to continue to send us feedback and comments if you have any questions or concerns.

Week 2: Importance of Soil

Soil is a layer of Earth responsible for providing nutrients and building networks. As humans make connections and networks, plants and microorganisms do the same in soil! Our young peacemakers at Peace Camp learned how soil grows plants and how it is essential for our environment. How can you connect with the soil?

Week 3: Water and Water Conservation

Did you know that 71% of the Earth is water, but only 1.2% is drinkable? What should we do if we only have a small percentage of water? Save it! Conserving water helps future generations have access to clean water. One way to conserve water is to cut off facets when brushing your teeth or move them away from the faucet. Another way to be mindful of water is to water the plants with leftover freshwater. Water is crucial for all walks of life.

Challenge of the Day

For the last couple of weeks, our Peace Campers have learned how soil and water are vital components of growing plants in the garden. Pouring peace into our community requires networks of positivity and showers of love and compassion to develop a community of peaceful gardens. The challenge for you today is to drink a bottle of water and describe that sensation to someone. Then, imagine what life would be without water. Would you still be peaceful? Will you be able to network to get fresh water? How will you survive?

Thank you so much for participating in our blog today.

Community Gardens Team signing out!

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