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The New Normal

Passing the Peace


The New Normal

What does "return to normal" mean anyway? It has come to mean so many things to us these days. It is often associated with a longing for a better time often one that may not have been exactly the way we remember it in the first place. Return to normal is often associated with trying to get back to a physical existence before Covid-19. It is sometimes also associated with a time when we were able to feel connected to each other in the U.S. across our differences. 

I just wanted to share a few thoughts about these longings we share:

1) Being Together Socially: I think we all long for a time to return to being together in the physical world. I believe we will get there, especially if we all

A. Wear our masks over our noses and mouths all the time we are together. 

B. Social Distance from each other by at least 6 feet when we are together.

2) Being Connected across our differences:I believe we can re-connect to each other again across our differences, especially if we all:

A. Listen to each other deeply and respectfully, especially if we disagree. We work on this in our peace programs, join us for Fall Peace Programs coming soon!

B. Work to create a system that is supportive and fair for all - especially people at the margins. VOTING is a bit part of creating what we hope for.

So then, no matter what your position is on the political spectrum - right, left, or middle, and no matter what party you support -


Register to vote or check your voter registration here:

B. Please USE GOOD CRITICAL MEDIA LITERACY skills to think about the messages you read and hear. You can start with these questions and learn morehere:

1. Who created this message, and what is the purpose? 2. What techniques does it use to attract and hold attention? 3. What lifestyles, values, and points of views does it depict? 4. How might different people interpret this message? 5. What is omitted, or left out?

C. And finally, please VOTE!

I think one of the best slogans I have come across in this election season - is vote your hopes, not your fears! So let's see each other through the lens of the things that connect us and unite us, through the lens of hopes for all of us who share this piece of the planet, and let's see each other through the eyes of love and concern. Let's live into the vision of shalom for all!

In peace,


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