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What Now?

Passing the Peace


Have you, like many of us, asked yourself recently, "What Now?"  

It seems like  the challenges we are facing are many - we can all name them - Covid-19, Fires with hazardous air quality, or if you are on the East Coast - Hurricanes and flooding. And the elections are bringing up many good issues (Don't forget to check your voter registration status or register to vote if you haven't yet - see the link below) but are also bringing a lot of rancor and exacerbating divisions.

But, before we do anything else, let's stop and breathe! I mean literally - stop and take 4 deep calming breaths. That is how we begin the meditation that is at the start of all our programs. And though it is simple, it is powerful. When we breathe and calm ourselves, we can think more clearly about what can be done and what we want to do. 

And I think the important thing is to start with what we know we can do. Can we build an air filter with a box fan and a hvac filter? (yes we can and we did). Can we figure out how to do school and peace programs online? (yes, we can and we did and are - you can register your kids for our peace programs this fall at the link below). And can we figure out ways to get involved in the elections that work for us? (yes we can and we are). Can we look out for each other and help each other through this? (yes we can and we are)

So, if we can remember these things - breathe, start with what we know we can do, and look out for and help each other, we'll get through this! We're doing it! Hold on! Things may be kinda crazy right now - but we got this! We can do this together! Let us together continue to build the beloved kingdom, with lots of bridges of love to our neighbors!

With great hope and much appreciation,

In peace,


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