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End of Spring Camp Pot Luck

“Power, today, comes from sharing information, not withholding it?”  -Keith Ferazzi 

Sunday 03/24/2024

Sola hosted a pot luck to end off this spring camp session. Food, family, and friends were welcomed and brought together. The kids and youth all collaborated to end off this spring camp. Youth Interns shared their peace talks with everyone. Sharing with their friends and family their topic. Two youth interns discuss what gentrification is and the importance of understanding its effect on their communities. One youth intern shared, “But since the renovation, it’s no longer seen as a place for the whole community or families but more student-focused. The neighbors in our community do not feel welcome at the village.” She explains to the audience her own personal experience with gentrification. Ending with asking the audience to consider supporting affordable housing. The youth did an amazing job sharing, explaining, and asking the audience to take action with their social issue of their choice. 


Thank you to all who came and listen. Thank you to the youth interns for sharing and presenting to the families! Have a great spring break !

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