Student Reflections 

Vote your Hopes, Not your Fears

While it may sound idealistic, voting based on our hopes, not our fears, is one tangible way we can strive to bring humanity back into politics. So much of our attitude towards politics today is rooted in sentiments that breed division, hate, and fear. We are so focused on being right or proving a point that we forget to fight for the actual policies that matter to us and the people we believe are equipped to bring them into action. It is easy to feel defeated within our political atmosphere of today; there is so much to make us feel hopeless and we often feel powerless to do anything about it. But we must remember that our country is made up of us, not merely the people who represent us, and that we have a right and duty to use our voices and stand up for what is right. I invite you to reflect on what truly matters to you going into this election. Who do you want to help? Who do you want to protect? When we vote with humanity in mind, we remember the meaning of what politics should represent: a governing system designed to bring about the most good for the most people. It is okay to have fears about the future, but when we focus our energy on our hopes for what a future world might look like, rather than our fears at what it might become, we become more united toward the goal of creating a society in which each individual has the opportunity to thrive. 

-Mackenzie Biles